Exercise Bike Weight Loss

More and more people are taking out gym memberships, with a view to losing weight, improving cardio and just for a better well being. One way people are trying, is by visiting their local gym and asking about exercise bike weight loss. This is one way of having a simple gym routine, whilst it being enjoyable at the same time, by pedalling an exercise bike.

exercise bike weight loss

Many an exercise bike is found in a gym, with plenty of people opting for using this type of fitness equipment, rather than choosing to jog on a treadmill. If weight loss is your key reason for using a gym, you will find that using a exercise bike is a great way of doing this. Furthermore pedalling on a bike, is the ideal way of burning those calories, which is usually the biggest issue with people gaining weight and wanting to shift it. It has been reported in plenty of places across the internet about theĀ best exercise bikes for weight loss. This is a useful tool for those that have opted for an exercise bike, but not sure on which style to select.

Your Exercise Bike Weight Loss Plan

When it comes to wanting to get rid of body fat, you need to burn calories and at the same time, be reducing your intake of calories. Guidance suggests that to lose 1 pound of fat off your body, a person would need to reduce their calories intake by around 3,500. Now whilst this may sound like an unreachable target, when we split this figure of a 7 day week, this is only 500 calories a day. When we talk about calorie reduction like this, it sounds much more achievable. In fact this target can be achieved by most people, by making just the slightest of adjustments in their daily calorie intake. Reducing your calorie intake by 500 per day – whilst in reach by most people – it may be a case that some people, may find that they do not have the time due to work commitments. Therefore perhaps by setting a smaller target of weight loss, maybe half a pound is more realistic. To achieve a weight loss of half a pound, the decrease in calorie intake would need to be around 350 calories per day, based on a 5 day week.

Burning Calories Using An Exercise Bike

Taking just a light moderate pace on an exercise bike, for around 30 minutes, can mean an average person losing around 280-290 calories. To boost this further, you can push yourself with a more vigorous pace and using the same time of 30 minutes use, but potentially this would mean the average person burning 460-470 calories. This is a great result for anyone who is looking for exercise bike weight loss.

Planning An Exercise Bike Weight Loss Schedule

Many people have work, so having a 7 day exercise bike weight loss workout schedule is difficult to fit into life. Instead many people opt to exercise on the gym bike three times a week, pedalling for up to 60 minutes at a time.

What Not To Do

It goes without saying the using an exercise bike as part of your weight loss regime is ideal. However, you need to remember that hard work and dedication is involved. That said, some people still decide to consume sugary drinks or meals with high calorie intake. It makes no sense to go for many days or weeks, pushing yourself to lose weight, only for the calories to be piled back on thanks to fizzy drinks and bad foods. Whilst you might think a can of drink may be harmless enough, consider that 1 can of a sugary drink, potentially cancel out a 60 minute workout on an exercise bike.

Tips For Successful Exercise Bike Weight Loss

As with any form of exercise, it is always important to make sure you check that your body is able to handle any rigorous workout. For example, if you body feels in pain or aches, consider leaving the workouts for a day or 2, to enable your body to recover. Sometimes not resting and throwing yourself into further workouts, can cause further pain and damage to your body. Always remember your ultimate aim is exercise bike weight loss, so make sure you are enjoying the workouts and having fun.